At the train station

Yesterday I was stood at the train station, I was on my way to Exeter to go for drinks with my work colleagues. There were two girls sat on a bench behind me giggling. I recognised them from school probably, they were a few years younger than me. As I stood there waiting for myContinue reading “At the train station”

Happy Birthday Costas

Dear diary… Dear blog? Not sure… Anyway, there’s nothing to report today, I’ve just been napping throughout the day. My bunny Delilah has been poorly again so I’m a little sad about that. But anyway I’ve had an email today from pets at home to say Happy Birthday to Costas the Plecostomus. Costas has beenContinue reading “Happy Birthday Costas”

About Me

Hello I’m Faye! Thank you for taking a look at my blog. I’m 24 years old and live in Devon. The whole idea of this blog is for me to write down little snippets of my life which will hopefully be nice to look back on in years to come.

I’m not sure what else to say about me, maybe I will think of something a bit later on…

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